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Death, Natural Burial, and Jewish Tradition

Monday, November 18, 7 PM

At Baltimore Hebrew Congregation

Open to all

Come learn more about this ancient and yet modern practice with Shelley Morhaim and David Zinner.

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation is in the forefront on this issue, one of only a handful of Maryland cemeteries that are offering this option. Natural burial is a growing movement around the country, and it is a practice that has a long history in Jewish tradition. People are drawn to it for both environmental and spiritual reasons.

Natural burial is done without embalming, with no concrete liner in the ground, and with a simple all-wood casket.

Our Work

The Green Burial Association of Maryland promotes environmentally sound burial practices in the State of Maryland through public education, funeral industry outreach, legislative advocacy, and support for creating conservation burial grounds.  Green Burial upholds natural resource and land conservation, worker health protection, and reduction of pollutants and carbon emissions. 

Speakers are available to provide presentations on green burial practices and grounds and to discuss the ecological and spiritual aspects of green burial to interested public groups, or to those with funeral homes or cemeteries who want to explore this business opportunity. Speaker requests may be made on our Contact page. For funeral home and cemeteries with clients inquiring about green burial, GBAM brochures may also be requested on the Contact page. The Resources page provides information on green cemeteries in and near Maryland, and where to find green burial supplies.

GBAM tracks legislative developments at the State and local level in order to provide timely input on legislation affection green burial issues in Maryland. We notify members of opportunities to have their voices heard on green burial issues. To join GBAM, please Contact us.

GBAM works with individuals and organizations wishing to establish green or conservation burial grounds in Maryland, providing them with information, resources and guidance as they establish green options. Please make inquiries on our Contact page.